The European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR) is a non-profit organisation founded by the European Society of Radiology in 2006.

EIBIR coordinates and supports research in biomedical imaging as well as the dissemination of knowledge. The organisation comprises a large and diverse landscape of more than 70 network members (universities, hospitals and research organisations), 11 shareholder organisations representing the major scientific societies in the field, a Scientific Advisory Board and a dedicated Industry Panel.

At the EIBIR office in Vienna, Austria, an experienced team of project managers offers professional guidance and support through a variety of different research-related services. These services include support for the preparation of research funding proposals, the dissemination of results, the search for complementary project partners, an electronic Data Capture Platform for your study results, the initiation of Joint Initiatives, and informing researchers about open and upcoming funding opportunities.

The service requested most from researchers and industry partners is support in the preparation and coordination of European research projects.

Before the project

In terms of proposal preparation, services include advice on relevant EU funding opportunities, identifying consortium partners, review of the project outline by EIBIR’s Scientific Advisory Board, the coordination of consortium meetings and conference calls, provision of call-specific templates, proposal writing support and handling of the administrative section of proposals in the online portal of the European Commission.

During the project

If a proposal is selected for funding, EIBIR guides partners through the administrative process for signing the contracts and takes care of all financial provisions. After the project kick-off, EIBIR assumes responsibility for all day-to-day administrative tasks and communication with the European Commission, serves as the contact point for consortium partners, runs quality assurance and risk management in collaboration with the project’s Scientific Coordinator, manages all project boards and committees, and ensures the timely submission of all project deliverables, milestones and official periodic reports including financial reports. In terms of dissemination, project partners also benefit from EIBIR’s established, extensive network and media contacts through which the conducted research is widely and rapidly communicated.

EIBIR is currently partner or coordinator of seven projects that are funded under Horizon 2020.

In summary, the offered support relieves researchers of the administrative burden, allowing them to focus on the scientific aspects and thereby ensuring the best possible outcome for the project. All services are free of charge for active EIBIR network members and can be used for a moderate annual fee.