Originally written for publication during ECR 2020 in March and updated in June.

Launched in 2014, EuroSafe Imaging supports and strengthens medical radiation protection across Europe, following a holistic, inclusive approach. To date the campaign has attracted more than 68,000 ‘Friends’ who support its activities, including dozens of institutional supporters around the world.

Prof. Guy Frija is chair of the EuroSafe Imaging Steering Committee. He is Professor Emeritus at Université Paris Descartes (FR), Professor at McMaster University (CA), and radiologist consultant at the Paris Georges Pompidou European Hospital (FR).

A core aim of the campaign is to support the implementation of the EuroSafe Imaging Call for Action 2018. This is a 13-point action plan for achieving EuroSafe Imaging’s objectives of promoting appropriateness in radiological imaging, maintaining radiation doses within diagnostic reference levels, promoting the use of up-to-date equipment, empowering patients, joining forces with various stakeholders, and contributing to a global safety culture in medical imaging. In addition, EuroSafe Imaging also supports ESR members with the implementation of the European Basic Safety Standards (BSS) Directive requirements through the production of guidance and tools.

The EuroSafe Imaging Stars initiative was launched in 2016 with the goal of establishing a network of imaging departments committed to best practice in radiation protection. To participate in this initiative, imaging facilities have to perform a simple self-assessment according to a list of 21 criteria on the following topics; optimisation, justification, quality and safety, education, research, and regulatory compliance. After successful evaluation, applicants are awarded one to five stars. As of May 2020, 128 facilities have joined the Stars network and efforts are underway to expand across other continents. Specifically, a collaboration with the AFROSAFE campaign has commenced to develop the concept in Africa.

Since 2015, EuroSafe Imaging has established nine Working Groups to support the implementation of its Call for Action and relevant ESR projects (see table below). Efforts are also underway to incorporate work on radiation protection research and Artificial intelligence into the Strategies for Image Quality of the Future Working Group in order to define and address the ESR’s interests in this field and to prepare ESR’s input to the European Alliance for Medical Radiation Protection Research (EURAMED). A working group on justification is also in development.

EuroSafe Imaging has also developed several education and training initiatives.

‘Ask EuroSafe Imaging’: three working groups (CT, paediatric imaging and interventional radiology), regularly publish educational material called ‘Tips and Tricks’. These aim to provide professionals, patients, and carers with concise educational material on specific issues. To date, over 50 Tips & Tricks editions have been produced, which are available at www.eurosafeimaging.org and as CME-accredited courses on the ESR’s e-learning platform Education on Demand.

The Training Activities Working Group will hold a series of webinars throughout 2020, to provide Radiation Protection education in an easy to use format. Recordings of previous webinars are available on the EuroSafe Imaging website.

EuroSafe Imaging ensures a multidisciplinary approach and collaborates with stakeholders and regulatory authorities in Europe and beyond. All EuroSafe Imaging activities are directed by a Steering Committee composed of representatives from the ESR, chairs of the Working Groups, and nominees from a range of partner organisations.

Since its foundation, EuroSafe Imaging has promoted medical radiation protection at over 140 meetings and conferences around the world, to raise awareness about patient safety and support the development of new regional campaigns. EuroSafe Imaging is also proud to be a role model for other safe imaging campaigns worldwide. These are coordinated by the International Society of Radiology Quality & Safety Alliance (ISRQSA) under the co-chairmanship of the EuroSafe Imaging chair. Current members of ISRQSA are: AFROSAFE, ArabSafe, Canada Safe Imaging, EuroSafe Imaging, Image Gently, Image Wisely, Japan Safe Imaging, and LATINSAFE.

EuroSafe Imaging has once again produced an electronic poster exhibition that is available online.

For more information on the campaign visit eurosafeimaging.org and follow us on Twitter and Facebook @ESREuroSafe.

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