Eurorad, the ESR’s database of peer-reviewed case reports, returned with a brand-new website in Spring 2019. Updated with a new and responsive design for desktop and mobile devices, added functionalities, and an ever-growing number of published cases – currently more than 7,500 – Eurorad has something in store for everyone in the field of radiology.

Whether you are working in a hospital and want to double-check a diagnosis with cases in the database, or whether you are still in training and seeking an easy and accessible opportunity to study with teaching cases, Eurorad has much to offer.

Educating yourself without fees

Eurorad homepage on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The basic functionalities of Eurorad are open to everyone, completely free of charge. This includes access to our full database of radiology cases, in normal and teaching case mode, which are all peer-reviewed to ensure high scientific quality and relevance. In addition, the ‘Editors Selection’ section includes cases that deserve a spotlight because of their exceptional quality or rarity and are hand-picked by the section editors.

Advantages of ESR membership

ESR members can further spice up their Eurorad experience. Eurorad offers many additional functionalities that are open to ESR members only, such as presenting yourself in the best light to colleagues by personalising your Eurorad profile, including options to add a profile picture, share more information about yourself and your career, and link to other online channels such as ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

Teaching cases and quizzes

Eurorad is all about teaching, but also about training and testing yourself. How much do you know about a topic and how well are you doing answering questions about it? To maximise the experience for ESR members, Eurorad offers the option to test yourself with teaching cases and quizzes. After only reading the clinical history and seeing the images, users can answer a multiple-choice question on the diagnosis. Another new feature allows you to challenge yourself with quizzes, which include a string of cases.

More functions for members

In addition, ESR members can take advantage of an integrated commenting and discussion platform, allowing them to ask questions or exchange viewpoints and comments on published cases. Users are automatically alerted in their Eurorad account when someone responds to a comment. Of course, comments, but also authors and cases, and even specific searches, can be saved to your own account, if you are a member of the ESR.

Contribute to our platform

Eurorad is open to all case submissions. No ESR membership is required to become an author and contribute to the platform by submitting and sharing cases, with up to 25,000 website visitors per month. Case submission and publication are completely free of charge, and ESR members will receive a certificate, including a DOI, for each case published. All cases go through a rigorous and professional peer-review process that will ensure and improve the scientific quality of all case publications.

Submit to Eurorad

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